How To Design Your Home Interior By Yourself

What’s in your mind when you are going to design your house? You are supposed to know what is your favorite and what will fit your style. Here, I am going to introduce several points we need consider about design and decoration.

1.You should have your own thoughts. Write down your thoughts that not very clear and draw an outline of it. This is not specific and not matured. Just some ideas from you.


2.Make some changes according to your job. When you are going to design your interior, you are supposed to take your job into consideration. Why you should care for it? Because different occupation have their own specialities. For example, civil servants always want the house to be simple and decent, the doctor don’t like the house wall still to be white when they are at home since they are facing the white wall all day when they work. And the artist will love the home decorating in an abstract way since it tells their different taste.


3.The quantity of family members. You have to decide the house size according to your family members when you are decorating. If you have a big house, you can decorate more and use the space reasonably according to family members. For example, arrange some comfortable area for the old to have a rest, decorate the nursery into a colorful world by using some wall sticker or wall paper.

4.Special members. Nowadays, there are many people like to raise pets to reduce their loneliness. Such as, dog, cat, parrot, and so on. When you are going to design the house, you have to design some spaces for the little animals according to their living habit and pay more attention to the way of dealing with the animal waste.


5.Your own interest. This one is really important since the house is liven by you. You are supposed to create a harmonious and cozy environment for yourself. All of the arrangements and placements in the interior should be considered if it is accord with your life and your style. The applicability and the reasonability of the decoration and your interest will add more emotional appeal and happiness to your life. So, it’s enjoyable to take the artistic interest into account.

6.Religion Different religion have their own culture and style in housing. If you are a Christian, you may like the Romanesque building, Gothic building or the Byzantine building. If you are a Muslin, you may like the Mosque building. If you are Buddhist, you may like the Chinese, Japanese, Korean traditional building. Moreover, you may decorate the interior in your own religious style.


After the simple introduction, you would know how to decorate your space according to your own needs. By the way, an excellent designer is really important. If you want to the house turns a new look, it will be a good idea to hire a good designer.